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The End in Sight:

Chronic pain affects millions of people, yet the most popular treatments available do not address the actual cause. They can even make pain worse, damage health, lead to addiction, and cause more imbalance and discomfort. Rarely do these solutions last or solve the problem. This is what fuels our passion at Mojo Physio.

We are working to rid the world of debilitating pain, narcotic addiction, and all of the false information on how pain works in our bodies. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our clients feel true pain relief for the first time in years. That’s why Mojo Physio was founded, and why we’re here today for you.

Who we are:

The people behind Mojo Physio have over 50 years of collective professional experience in the pain and physical performance industries. We are proud to introduce the best of the best.

Paul Ruth

Founder of Mojo Physio
Throughout Paul’s early career in traditional pain management he began to see an alarming disconnect between how our bodies actually deal with pain and how doctors and clinics manage it. Although puzzling to young Paul at first, it didn’t take long for him to figure out why: the pain industry has its profits before patients in mind, and curing pain doesn’t work out for the former so well.
That’s when Paul discovered his true calling: to provide a lasting solution to as many chronic pain sufferers as possible.Paul has spent much of his life perfecting the proprietary and incredible art of NRT. He is the world’s leading NRT and muscle expert, dedicating over 20 years to pain and muscle biology, research, education and treatment. And through Mojo Physio he is able to continue adding to the list of the thousands of people he has helped who no longer suffer from chronic pain.



Gina Ruth

Client Care & Operations Director

Gina has served as Cofounder, Client Care and Operations Director since Mojo’s conception in 1995. She works behind the scenes ensuring all clients are taken care of and that Mojo is run professionally every single day. Prior to Mojo Physio, she worked for a large pharmaceutical company in sales and gained invaluable experience in working with people and meeting their needs.

While most people consider the painstaking details of running business to be less than desirable, Gina loves it. She is always striving to be the best support for Paul and the Mojo therapists. She is also usually the first impression a client has about Mojo Physio and she takes extreme pride in providing an amazing client experience.  In the same way a Mojo Therapist gets to enjoy the accolades that come with fixing a client when no one else could, she gets as much joy from making Mojo clients feel valued and cared for.

Alex Miller

Mojo Physio Expert Therapist
Certified Neuromuscular Release Therapy (CNRT)

“Being a young athlete and working in the service industry gave me chronic pain early in life. When I was introduced to pain therapy, I became intrigued with the human body, its limitations and how to heal it. I didn't know it yet, but I had found my passion. After becoming licensed in NRT, it was obvious in having conversations with my peers that I had been given a superior understanding of the physiology behind chronic pain. The unique thing about NRT is that with knowledge comes power. Education and understanding muscle imbalance is as equally important as the treatment.”


Chad Alexander

Mojo Physio Expert Therapist
Certified Neuromuscular Release Therapy (CNRT)

“NRT has transformed me into a pain specialist. 19 years ago I started as a therapist with the goal of being one of the best in the industry. I have been trained in a lot of different modalities and I have been blessed to help a lot of people. But of all the techniques I have learned, nothing is as effective as NRT. For years when someone would come to me in pain, I only hoped I could help. Since I've become certified in NRT, I know I can help. What I love most about NRT is its simplicity. It taught me the science of the body like no other therapy I've studied. I can confidently say it has helped me with my original goal of being one of the best.”


Chase Jarvis

Mojo Physio Expert Therapist
Certified Neuromuscular Release Therapy (CNRT)

“I've been in the pain business for years, and in all the modalities learned or heard about nothing really attacks the problem with such impact, simplicity, and precision as NRT does. Being a power tumbler myself I can say without a doubt that I can train as hard as I do because NRT keeps me pain free. I have battled injuries for the length of my performance career and had I known about NRT sooner I know for a fact I would not have suffered from any of them or the months of time I had to take off due to pain.”


Rolinda Teller-Camacho

Mojo Physio Expert Therapist
Certified Neuromuscular Release Therapy (CNRT)

“NRT is by far the best type of hands on therapy that shows positive results after the first session. It's definitely not a massage which sometimes feels as if you had little or no relief from your pain. I feel NRT has to do a lot with knowing the body's mechanical movements and finding the root cause of you pain. Every day at Mojo Physio is challenging and I love it.”


Laura Heard

Mojo Physio Expert Therapist
Certified Neuromuscular Release Therapy (CNRT)

“I’ve had a passion for helping people end their chronic pain for many years. Having exhausted numerous new techniques, I was left with therapies that continued to be ineffective. Learning the physiology of NRT was the light bulb moment when I realized this therapy was the missing link to achieve long lasting results. By communicating how the body responds to injury or trauma our clients understand why, after trying years of other therapies, they’re still in pain. There is no greater feeling than having a client get off the table and take their first few steps and experience movement without pain in their very first visit. It feeds my passion for this work. It’s truly the best therapy I’ve practiced.”

What makes us different:

We are truly unique in that no one offers what we do here at Mojo. Here are some of the other big differences that set us apart:

We fix pain, meaning we address the core problem and resolve it for good.

Our company’s mission is for you to need us less and less.

We are the only leading experts in Neuromuscular Release Therapy and the nation’s top experts in muscle therapy.

Our pain treatment is drug free, injection free, surgery free, pain free, natural, safe and simple.

All other physical therapy and pain treatment practices focus on strength and flexibility for recovery, we don’t focus on either of these.

We have a 95% + success rate.

The pain industry brings in billions and billions of dollars every year. This is why NRT isn’t used on a mass level or adopted by the mainstream: no one wants to ruin this fruitful industry. We have a fundamentally different outlook – we are not motivated by money. We are motivated by our insatiable passion for the human brain, muscular system, and the phenomena of the human body. We pay homage to the body, respect it and work with it on its terms.